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"The limits of photography cannot be predicted."



The rite is a state that is continuously repeated, maintaining memory in the cultural practice of societies, and this is how it is preserved until times that could even be immemorial. According to Georges Didi-Huberman, photography is associated with images and memory for life, symbolizing that all images are memories that transcend time, therefore they are timeless.  signs and representations that are re-signified by the viewer, discovering situations and moments that are impossible to think about in everyday life.

A great setting for portraiture and memory. Both notions are the reflection of the other, understanding that the identity of one is the unconscious of the other. Thus, it seems that an autobiographical factor is generated, producing the so-called "experience", opening up to an endless number of new representations and stories, incommensurable for us.


Monserrat Rojas Corradi

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