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. .. And little or nothing is remembered of the massacre of the indigenous peoples.

"Spanish schools teach that the conquerors were adventurers who came to America after great odyssey, civilized the New World and served their kings with honor, who rewarded them with gold and property (...) So that October 12 is a true celebration of Hispanity, Spain should offer the reparation of the truth and begin by also remembering the victims of the Conquest, not only its heroes ”.

“Although it makes no sense to judge history under current moral codes,

the Conquest was an act of violence sustained for three centuries that caused the disappearance of entire communities and had as its main motivation the plundering of the continent's wealth (…)


The historical context should not be an excuse to hide the facts, but an opportunity to accept them without transmitting the blame to current generations, who had nothing to do with them ”.


David Jimenez


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