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They are spontaneous and ironic images: they are representations of various trips undertaken by the author. In them a clear absence of the subject is observed, which causes a strangeness when observing them, but at the same time it configures us a universe of the private of the movement of the photographic camera. This landscape  puzzling we are faced with, it is impossible to identify with a specific geography.


These landscape portraits are the chance of the displaced territory; the journey fades, the subject loses prominence. These being, one of the main characteristics of photography during the transition period, which is linked, on the one hand, is the fading of the photograph denouncing the dictatorship, and on the other hand, there is the arrival of democracy in the country. . This scenario leads photography to wonder how not to get lost in this new political context, does the invisibility of the recent past begin?


Monserrat Rojas Corradi

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